We monitor, manage, and fix threats with Webroot Web protection from unsafe sites is included. Webroot SecureAnywhere Business Endpoint Protection protects systems online and offline without the use of signature files, instead relying on cloud hosted threat definitions, heuristics and other techniques in the agent to protect the agent against attacks and zero day threats. Using a multi-layer protection scheme is important in guarding against the increasing volume and sophistication of attacks being deployed on the internet. Through the use of daily scans, custom shields for real-time protection, behavior modeling, firewall and privacy protection options, Webroot provides a comprehensive endpoint protection solution.

WebRoot SecureAnywhere Endpoint Anti-Virus​​

  • Free Set-up and Installation on each computer
  • 100% managed by Big Fish Technology – we take care of everything
  • Instantaneous cloud-predictive malware protection
  • Deploys and is fully operational in under 20 seconds
  • Initial system scan in minutes
  • Always Up-to-Date
  • Doesn’t slow devices down
  • Advanced offline protection against zero-day threats
  • Browser Identity & Privacy Shield
  • “Last Good State” endpoint rollback & remediation
  • Month-to-Month or Annual Pricing Options
  • Annual Payment:
    $48.00 Per Year per endpoint
  • Monthly:
    $4.00 Per Month per endpoint
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Real-Time Multi-Vector Protection

For scenarios where a threat does breach a system, Webroot can clean and reset the system to its pre-infected state, minimizing user impact and downtime. System administrators gain more control over when and how they work through the use of Webroot’s cloud hosted management dashboard, enabling network endpoint management and monitoring anytime, anywhere, ensuring 24×7 coverage for increased security. With standard reporting and notification capabilities, administrators are able to stay on top of the latest information, and take appropriate action to address issues as they arise, as well as keeping end users and other stakeholders informed throughout the process.