September 11, 2019
Security against the dark web.

The Dark Web and Its Impact on Your Business

The Dark Web Vs. Your Business Business owners today know the internet is not only a force for good. Some people exploit the Web for ill intent. They congregate on the Dark Web, and small businesses need to understand the […]
July 25, 2019

How to Destroy Data Properly

Deleted Data Vs. Destroyed Data When we accidentally delete something, it feels like the end of the world. If a client file or new presentation is deleted, you may have to start again. Oh no! Yet deleting files is not […]
July 3, 2019
Island hopping criminals

Island Hopping: Not Always a Good Thing

Island Hopping The phrase “island hopping” conjures up positive images. You might think of cruising beautiful sandy beaches on a tour of tropical islands. Too bad cybercriminals have given the term a new, less pleasant spin. Island hopping is an […]
June 27, 2019
Mac virus

Do Macs Get Viruses?

Is Mac Truly Superior When it Comes to Virus Protection? Many Apple owners believe their Macintosh computers are immune to viruses. Apple itself has run ad campaigns promising its computers “don’t get viruses”. And those who have owned a Mac […]
June 6, 2019

Avoiding Growing Pains — Tech Tips for a Thriving Business

Avoiding Growing Pains- Tech Tips for a Thriving Business Maybe you started your business in a basement or home office. It was just you at the beginning. Then, your service or product gained traction. The number of staff grew, and […]
May 29, 2019

Are You Sick of Ongoing IT Issues

Are You Sick of Ongoing IT Issues Like a persistent cough or muscle strain that won’t go away, many IT issues prove ongoing. Every time they come back you think about getting an expert’s opinion. Then, the cough fades, you […]
April 25, 2019

3 Steps to Securing Cloud Data

3 Steps to Securing Cloud Data Businesses are no longer confusing “the cloud” with those puffy white things in the sky. For many, the cloud is a backbone business tool. Yet, some worry about storing their data on the Internet […]
March 14, 2019

Is There A Safe Way to Use The Cloud?

Is There A Safe Way to Use The Cloud? Cloud technology has grown to new heights in recent years. Ten years ago ‘the cloud’ was jargon almost nobody was aware of, today it is a phrase used almost daily in […]
March 5, 2019

Has Your Email Been Hijacked?

Has Your Email Been Hijacked? A common complaint by many users in recent months has been spam emails appearing to come from their own accounts.  Despite not knowing why, reports of friends, family, and contacts receiving spam email that appears […]
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